Y'all Come Over

Y’all Come Over is an invitation to embrace your inner host, prepare delicious plates, and create a fun, comfortable setting for any occasion with confidence and style. Foolproof recipes for fresh, new Southern classics and timetables make menu planning a breeze. From putting together the invite list to using family treasures to create a beautiful table to stocking the bar for every budget and preparing a memorable meal in the kitchen, Rebecca Lang walks you through each step and offers friendly advice for every gathering and age group.

Lang shares important tips for how to be a gracious host and reflects on the value of making even small gatherings both safe and special, especially today. But what is a party without food and drinks? Lang also includes recipes that are divided into eight refreshing menus, including a wedding shower, a casual porch drinks party, a summer barbecue, and a tailgate. Packed with practical advice and inspirational images, Y’all Come Over has insight and true Southern style to offer new and experienced hosts alike.