Photo: Stephen Karlisch 

Teddie and Courtney Garrigan are the mother-daughter dynamos whose personal and creative flair is the foundation for their award winning home decor retail shop, Coco & Dash.

Their distinctive aesthetic is showcased in a light and airy space that provides the backdrop for a retail vision that is a smart mix of home furnishings - classic and modern, approachable and exceptional - offered up with plenty of Southern hospitality.

While Courtney has developed a signature style that embodies beauty and function, she has a propensity for quirky finds that are seamlessly incorporated with classic elements. Passionate about her love of imperfection in design, she contributes a fresh approach to the retail business.

With a love of all things home, Teddie is known for her keen sense of style resulting from a lifetime of travel. A devout southerner who grew up living in Europe, she brings a relaxed and fun sophistication to Coco & Dash along with a modern sense of luxury that is fresh, stylish, and timeless.

Teddie and Courtney believe that unique characteristics and meaningful differences in people and things add to the beauty of life.