Porch Living

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by James T. Farmer 

The happy space nestled betwixt nature and nest.

Nostalgic yet modernly apropos, Porch Living provides the venue of venues to grasp the goodness of both the home and garden. From the contemporary yet classically rooted outdoor fabrics and furnishings that make porches chic and cherished, to the hanging baskets and planters chock-full of seasonal delights, today’s porches offer comfort and elegance, and, most importantly, an addition to the home and garden. Whether jettisoned boldly into parterres aplenty or delightfully diminutive, a grand outdoor salon or sleeping nook, the porch represents how we live and how to gloriously live hinged to and romantically suspended in the home and garden.

James T. Farmer III is the author many books celebrating garden living and entertaining including A Place to Call Home, A Time to Plant, A Time to Cook, A Time to Celebrate, Dinner on the Grounds, Sip & Savor and Wreaths for All Seasons. His company, James Farmer Designs, specializes in landscape and interior design. James is a proponent of weaving the bounties of the garden into daily life. He has appeared on the Today show and is a regular contributor to Southern Living. Find him at www.JamesFarmer.com. He lives in Kathleen, Georgia.